NCMPA1 Energy Efficiency Programs

These programs are funded by NCMPA1 and are available to the 19 NCMPA1 Participants in central and western North Carolina.

NCMPA1 has implemented several new energy efficiency programs to encourage energy conservation and efficient energy use. The new programs will be provided by NCMPA1 participants beginning in February 2009. The new programs are part of Hometown Green, NC Public Power’s collective effort to encourage smart energy choices. The programs also help NCMPA1 and its Participants comply with North Carolina’s renewable energy and energy efficiency legislation.

Energy Efficient Lighting Rebate Program

This program solicits applications for partial funding of energy efficient lighting projects by commercial and industrial customers. Applications, which are available from a NCMPA1 city that has adopted the program, must be for a project completed after January 1, 2011. A rebate equal to $.35/watt saved will be paid within program terms and conditions.  Examples of anticipated projects include T-12 fluorescent lamps to T-8 fluorescent lamps and  high intensity discharge lamps to T-8 or T-5 fluorescent lamps.

A1 Lighting Rebate Program Flyer

ENERGY STAR ™ Home Rebate

The ENERGY STAR™ rebate promotes energy smart building practices and provides a $500 rebate for each single-family home constructed after January 1, 2009.

ENERGY STAR™ qualified homes are at least 15 percent more energy efficient than homes built to the 2004 International Residential Code (IRC) and include energy-saving features such as effective insulation, efficient heating and cooling equipment, high performance window and efficient products and appliances. An independent Home Energy Rater must certify each ENERGY STAR™ home. For more information about ENERGY STAR™ qualified homes, visit

High Efficiency Heat Pump Rebate Program

This residential customer focused program will promote the installation of new high efficiency heat pumps to help households use energy wisely. Residential customers whose electric service is provided by a NCMPA1 city or town are eligible for a $400 rebate when a high efficiency heat pump is installed. The new unit must have a minimum efficiency rating of 15 SEER. Contact your public power provider for more information about the requirements of the program.

City Energy Efficiency Projects

The city projects program will promote energy efficiency in city-owned facilities. NCMPA1 Participants will receive funding for projects such as HVAC, energy management systems and lighting to improve the energy efficiency of city facilities. Through this program, NCMPA1 Participants will undertake energy efficiency projects to encourage similar measures throughout the community.

All of these programs will be managed locally by NCMPA1 Participants.

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